2008-12-08 After more than a year, at last an update again.
2007-06-13 New car, new pictures
2006-05-28 Again added some photo's of the progress.
2006-03-06 Added some new photo's of the progress, and finally added the photo's of the newyears reception of january 14, 2006.
2005-10-23 Did a major cosmetic update, I think it has improved.
2005-10-04 Added some pictures, and finished the last details on the doorlocks tutorial.
2005-09-07 Made another tutorial, about how to close doorlocks like on my car. Also, cleaned up some underlying irregularities.
2005-04-25 Yay, I finally made the links from and to the dutch part of the site, so it is fully functional now. I also put the first events pictures on line.
2005-03-13 Finished the dutch site, and put it on line. Now I only have to create the links to and from the dutch page. Also been busy with the guestbook.
2005-03-07 Fixed the problem with the popup picture show javascript, and did a good deal of translation work on the dutch version. It's almost finished now, so it'll be on line soon.
2005-01-15 Uploaded some more images.
2005-01-11 Uploaded once again another menu, most of the problems with the menu and compatibility should be solved by this. But I am still working on it, so there could be strange errors or so... If you see something weird, let me know please!
2005-01-10 Oops... a friend of mine told me my site isn't html 4.01 certified anymore, due to all the changes... I am working on the solution, which is given to me by the same guy... Thanks a lot, Thijs! I owe you one.
2005-01-03 A very happy new year to you all, I started this new year quite well with a new JavaScript menu on top of the pages, eliminating the frames. Also added a tutorials section with already one whole item in it! Whoa!
Of course, there will be more tutorials and howto's in the future, but this is a start.
Also, I started the preparations for a section with photos of events, you might have noticed it. STill empty though. And oh yes, the dutch version is not forgotten, I am still working on that but I will only upload it when it is exactly as good as the english version. So that might take a little while still...
2004-12-29 Started using an external style sheet, so from now on all pages will have the same style instead of a mix of different styles.
2004-12-01 Almost invisible change: did some work on the underlying structure, to prepare the site for the addition of a dutch counterpart. Also added two things to the mods page.
2004-11-23 Minor change this time: I added some links to the links page.
2004-11-14 Yesss! More pics! Two more pages full of stuff I did on my car about a month ago, I just didn't have time to post them. Have fun!
2004-11-13 Updated the "'mods'" -page, added the links page. Some more photo's will come soon.
2004-09-23 Added some more photos, and ran all the code through the validator. Updated the "'mods'" page.
2004-09-16 Updated the menu bar, so now we have flashy buttons! Also, I ran the code through the W3C html validator, with an approved menu bar and changelog page as a result. In time I will validate all my code, as to minimize browser errors due to bad coding.
2004-09-15 Pics section code further updated, and split all up into pages of each 10 pictures maximum. Also, added some more photo's.
2004-09-14 Updated the code of the pics section a bit, also moved the site to instead of, to keep my family happy;-)... and to make it possible for me to do some other sites as well in the future.
2004-06-20 Finally started seriously, doing the pictures section up to now.
2004-05-31 first start on the page.

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