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Unfortunately, due to a computer crash, I lost the early pictures of the car and my work on it.

The pictures shown here are taken since summer 2003. The thumbnails are clickable for larger pictures.

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picture My dashboard as it was at the end of the summer: I have used a saw to completely remove the right part of the dashboard, including the glovebox compartment. I have started to rebuild this after my own desires. My old set of clocks are still in place, and you can have a good look at my home-repaired sports wheel.
picture This is the tunnel console. The original Volvo console isn't that much of a thrill, so this was one of my first alterations on the interior. Why did I make it this way? Simple: I wanted to have my handbrake "built in" instead of the standard "built on top of the shaft tunnel", and I wanted my gear lever look like it is shorter than it really is. And of course I wanted it to look better than the original.
picture Once again the tunnel console, this time from the side. You can clearly see the early starting slope toward the dashboard, making the gear lever look shorter.
picture The roof, without the leather-look covering. It is here that a nice electrical sunroof has to be placed, but for now the bar running across the roof is sort of in the way. I have to figure out a solution for this.
picture A nice overview of the mess I made of my dash ;-) Like it? I don't, so time to start building things up again. This time after my taste and needs. The glovebox is going to be smaller, and the dash will have a more angled surface. Later photo's will show just what I mean.Under the glovebox is going to be a drawer, which will be holding my laptop. Hint: GPS, MP3, DVD :-)
picture Ow yes, the exterior will not be forgotten. This here is the spoiler. A crazy little thing nicked off a Hyundai S Coupe, earlier type. Then made fit for my car, took me longer than I expected.
picture Once again, the spoiler. Here you can see the hole for the 3rd braking light, which will house about 30 LEDs instead of 1 bothersome bulb. You can also see some of the work I've done to make things fix (look to the "feet" and the console for the braking light, there's some polyplaster work there). Of course, the spoiler needs to be painted in the car's colour, but then, the whole car needs a good paintjob, so don't worry.
picture Close-up on one of the spoilers feet, to show the plaster work.
picture Nice shot of the right front seat. What a mess.... Good to see though is the angle the new dash is going to get, and the huge amount of space I appear to have behind the dashboard.
picture The front of the car. As you can see, I bought a nice Hella Grille, with nice big shiny lights in it ;-) Under the bumper there are two Sirius fog lights, but these need to be repositioned, 'cause this just doesn't look right. Also clearly seen is the work I have done to the front bar/rock catcher, which was rather messed up by the previous owner (and the reason why I got this car). This is just a start.

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