Modifications made to my car


-New front bar
-New left front wing
-electric antenna
-sports steering wheel
-aluminium door sils with lights
-Fog lights
-Microcontroller controlled light control
-"pace-car lights"
-Knight rider thingy in grille and rear bumper
-lighting behind grille
-electrical windows

In progress:

-anti-rust treatment and removal of rust
-Custom built dashboard
-custom built doorpanels
-Electric sunroof
-grille with lights
-GPS navigation
-automated laptop drawer
-hands-free system for my cellphone
-additional cabling and fuses for accessoires
-Interior lighting
-electrical rear view mirrors
-front spoiler
-rear skirt

To Do:

-open air filter
-quicker cam shaft
-better carborettor
-sports exhaust?

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