Why all this?

The story behind this project

A couple of years ago, I bought my first car from a bloke I haven't even seen, but I knew a friend of him quite well. I was in the bar of my society (student...) when he asked if someone was interested in a car.
I was.

The car was first bought by the father of that friend of mine, but as they advanced to another car, the car was sold to the other guy. The reason this guy wanted to get rid of the car was because he had crashed it into an electricity divider housing, and so the car was economically total loss. That didn't matter for me, as I was vaguely searching for a car to tinker with and this was a great opportunity.

The deal was made in a couple of days, and I arranged that the car was brought to me. The car was still road legal, so a week later I got the keys, papers and of course the car, driven to me from the other side of the country. As soon as there was room for me in the garage of my mother's company, I started stripping and building. I am still busy doing just that. A list of goals I have set for myself can be found here.

Because the general condition of the first car decreased rapidly while I was busy with it (5 years is quite a while...), I started looking for a better car. I had a couple of wishes in mind: First, the car needed to be a three-door version as I wanted to be able to exchange every good part from the old to the new car. Secondly, it had to be less rusty. And to end with, it had to have a more powerfull engine.
I found this in a metallic grey 1700cc DL version, which is my first really drivable own car (the first one has only driven about 16 kilometres with me...).
The grey 340 is mine since june 2nd, 2007.

The Volvo340 is a great car to mess around with, because it is really simple in comparison to other (younger) cars. This car is still mechanic, so you can have your hands dirty instead of developing RSI while updating some electrical computerized motormanagement system. Because I don't have the knowledge yet I became member of the Dutch Volvo300club, where a lot of knowledge on these cars is present. And besides that, it is good fun with them.

The biggest part of the site is dedicated to pictures of my work on the car, but I also have some tutorials on how to do some smaller and more universal modifications. Also, photos of events I attended are present.

Enjoy the site!