Removing lock holes from your doorhandles


This tutorial teaches you how to erase every last bit of your lock from your doorhandles. For metal doorhandles.

There are many different reasons why you woult want to erase your lock. For instance, thieves won't be able to open your car with a screwdriver any more. Or you might like the look of it. I did it for the combination of these two reasons, plus a couple of others. But be warned: DO NOT do this when you don't have remote controlled locks on your car, and make sure you have a backup in case your battery runs flat or so, because you won't be able to access your car in the event. Don't tell me I didn't warn you!

So much for the warnings, let's start off with a list of materials and tools you'll need:

  • Your doorlocks
  • Suiting tools to remove the doorlocks from your car, and de locks from the doorhandles
  • A good 2-component glue, e.g. Bison Combi Metal
  • Metal disks that fit exactly into the hole your lock has left (I used aluminium disks of about 2mm thick)
  • 2-Component (polyesther) filler
  • Sandpaper in various grains, range from grain 60 or 80 up to, say, 240.
  • Sprayfiller/primer
  • A piece of rubber or plastic to apply the primer. I found rubber works pretty well.
  • A decent (car)(spray)laquer
  • Some welding wire or something else strong enough to keep your handles opened
  • Fluids to clean and degrease your work
  • Some rags to clean up excess glue, and to degrease your piece of work

Okay, that's about all you'll need, let's get to work!

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