Removing lock holes from your doorhandles

The filling

First off, you have to remove the doorhandles with locks and everything from your car. Mind that you don't damage anything, and try not to lose something.
When the doorhandles have been removed, you can remove the locks from the handles. You can also remove all paint from the handles if you want to give the handles a different color afterwards.

When these steps have been taken, the result should be similar to the photo below:
Doorhandles without lock
I have had the handle treated with primer, hence the weird yellowish tint.
Now, degrease the hole where the lock has been, clean it, degrease it again. After that, roughen the inside with a flint of sandpaper, and clean and degrease it again.
Also, roughen and degrease the disks you will be using to fill the hole.

Now, get the 2-component glue, and mix an appropriate amount. Make sure you have enough, so you won't be running out of glue while working.
Put a first bit of glue on the sidewalls of the hole, and push the first disk in.
Now apply a new bit of glue on the sidewalls, and also a bit on the top of the first ring. Push the second disk in. You can push firmly, as all air should be gone between de disks.
Repeat this until the disks fill the hole up to just below the edge.

Doorhandles with disks
Remove excess glue, and let the locks dry thoroughly.

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