The Bracket

The first step is to measure out the first bend in the aluminium strip. So, grab the strip, measure out 14mm from one end, and mark it with the water resistant pen. I found water resistant CD markers to work very well, as they don't rub off while you are working.

bend strip
Grab the strip on the short end with your pliers, so that they are exactly on your mark AND at right angle with the strip. Then, bend it. Make sure the bend is as sharp as you can get it, but no need to use a hammer to get the bend as sharp as a knife.

bend again
The next bend is where the width of the pliers comes in handy: grab the long end of the aluminium strip, as close as possible to the just made bend. Then, bend again, making a nice U-shape. If things have worked out well, then the end of the aluminium strip is now exactly above the rest of the strip, and they are about 10-11mm apart from each other, and they are parallel to each other.

strip in mitre box
If you have a mitre box, you are one lucky bastard: place the strip in the box, get your saw, place it lightly on the long end of the strip, and pull the strip until the bent end hits the saw. Then saw. This way, it is really easy to make both legs of the U the same length. If you don't have a mitre box: measure out the length of the bent end, and mark that length on the long side. Saw, and just hope that you measured right, and that you make a straight cut.

What comes next is probably one of the less funny parts of this tutorial: take the vile, and remove the sharp remains. Then, round off the corners of the strip, and make the cut edges a bit round. This not only looks better, it is safer too as you can't cut yourself while adjusting the spot.

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